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Falling on my knees in worship, giving all I am to see your face. Lord, all I am is Yours.

I wasn’t sure when I started my job at my new school if the tattoo on my arm would be a problem. When I first got it, I wasn’t concerned about my employer at the time as I had already been working there for 4 years and had established myself as a teacher. Thankfully, my new principal was fine with it…especially after he heard the story behind it. 

A couple of my coworkers had already asked about the meaning behind the artwork, and I willingly shared my story about loss and wanting to remember my babies in a special way. The plumeria flower is a symbol of birth and life. Though my 3 babies never made it past 12 weeks, I truly believe that their lives began at the moment they were conceived. They were my babies, right from the beginning. A person’s a person, no matter how small. (That Dr. Seuss was a smart man.) And though they can’t share in the good life here on Earth, I know they are alive in Heaven. I can only imagine how much fun Mama Mary is having looking after them and all of the unborn up there. 

My principal had gotten wind of my story and asked me more about it one day. (I am learning that news around here travels fast!) In speaking to him about it, something dawned on me that I hadn’t really thought about before. 

It took 3 times for God to get his point across.

It took 3 times for me to listen to what He was telling me. 

It took 3 times for me to trust in His plan for me.

Trust.  A simple message, a complicated action. It’s something I have learned and am still learning as I live my life as a wife and first-time mom. But there is one thing I am sure of: God’s plans for me are always more beautiful than my own.

I called, you answered. And you came to my rescue and I wanna be where you are.