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Officially a Houzzer

I often like to scour the web for blogs and websites to help me declutter and organize my life. Today I came across one that had good tips and beautiful, inspirational pictures.

Houzz is one of those websites that constantly makes you say, “I wish my house looked like that!” You can browse photos of any room in a house and add the photos to your Ideabook. The photos have tags on certain parts of the room that will tell you what type of material it is and/or where to purchase the product. You can browse discussions on various design dilemmas you might be having and even pose questions and include photos so that others can give you their input.

One of my favorite parts of the website is the Ideabook section which includes decluttering tips and pictures. One particular article about pilers and filers has the potential to change my life.

[houzz=–Are-You-a-Piler-or-a-Filer- w=480]

I am most definitely a piler who has thought that the only way to be organized is to be a filer. This article makes it ok for me to be a piler and still gives me ideas for how to make my life more manageable. I’m hoping to put this idea into play before the end of the year. Stay tuned for an update!

letting go of clutter: organizational tips


I have to work (and work, and work, and work) at being organized. What works for me are things that I can implement easily and right now.

I came across Becky Higgins’ (creator of Project Life, a scrapbooking system I die for…totally changed my life) blog today and she had a guest poster give organizational tips for the home. I thought that they were super simple and easy to follow. Totally would work for my lifestyle and accomplishing my goal of letting go of clutter. I especially want to try a couple of her tips for doing laundry (Remember my post about laundry? I need this in my life.)

  • Do laundry only 1 day a week.
  • Fold clothes out of the dryer.
  • Sort into baskets belonging to various family members.

Go and check out the post! Hope some of you will find it useful!

letting go of clutter: work desk



On a good day, this is what my desk at work looks like. Since moving to a new school I have vowed to create a more functional space for myself and to keep that space nice and tidy. This should be easier for me now, since our school relies heavily on technology and we have very little paper being shuffled around. So today I decided clean off my desk before going home. This is something I should be doing every day, but…well, I don’t. I also decided to remove anything and everything from my desk that I don’t use often. ┬áThe result makes me happy.


My large, twirly desk organizer now sits behind my workspace since I don’t need to access it on a daily basis. The pile of crap stuff that has been sitting in my inbox for a month has either been either filed away or tossed. And my paper sorter actually has paper in the right slots now. I know it doesn’t seem like a big change, but every little bit helps contribute to the bigger picture. Now when I go in to work tomorrow morning, I can start off fresh and organized. And that will make the world of difference.

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