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Vegas 2010

Recent events today prompted me to think about some of my darkest moments over the past few years and how I survived them. It’s crazy how some things can trigger memories we haven’t thought about in years.


David and I went to Vegas with our college chums in December 2010 to celebrate Christmas a little early and catch up with each other. We stayed at our friend’s parents’ house¬†in Henderson. I had just suffered my second miscarriage and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to celebrate and enjoy and just be. We were the only couple that were married at that time, and the only ones who had suffered such a loss. To everyone else, life was the same as it had always been.

One of the nights we were there I felt terribly sick. I don’t know what it was – if maybe I ate something bad or if my sorrow was causing¬†my body to shut down. Everyone was ready to head out to the strip. I think some of them were practically out the door when I decided I wasn’t going. It was all too much, and I felt too sad to celebrate anything.

So they stayed home. All of them. And it wasn’t a spiteful decision on their part. Pajamas were put on and the snacks were brought out. They played games all night (Charades, I think) while I sat and watched and even laughed. I want to say we even videotaped it because it was so funny.

I’ll always remember that day and how my friends really supported me, not by talking me through it, but just by being there. They’re my people. And I miss them.