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This past weekend’s blogging conference was amazing. Seeing as it was my first time doing something like this, I spent much of the time feeling nervous and unsure of myself, especially when speaking with other bloggers who were more established than I am. However, I also pushed myself to be brave and make connections and be proud to tell them about who I am and what I write about (even if I only spoke to like, 5 people). I left the conference feeling more sure of where I am in life right now and the direction in which (I think) I am headed.


I realized that I write because it is my way of processing my experiences. I am able to express things I have seen and heard and felt using words that come from a very real place. I also write so that my girls will hopefully one day be inspired by my words and our stories. It’s a gift I can give them that they (and maybe their own families one day) will have long after I am gone.

BlogHer taught me that my story is important.

That I need to remember the joy in what I do.

That my story can be a light for those in darkness.

That you can create community through your readers.

That my words have value.

And that I am enough. 

5 Tips on How to Prepare for BlogHer14. (By Someone Who Has Never Attended)

I am a BlogHer Conference virgin, and this weekend will be my first time.

I purchased my ticket three days ago. Cuttin’ it close, I know. But I really only decided that I wanted to take my blog to the next level recently (as in, a day before I purchased my ticket), and in doing some research happened to stumble across the BlogHer website. There seems to be quite a few veteran attendees graciously sharing their advice on what to pack, how to get the most out of the conference, tips and tricks on how to survive if you don’t know anyone, and even how to stay healthy while attending. I’ve read some really good posts that have eased my nervousness and fueled my excitement.

For all the conference newbies, I’d like to share my own tips on how to prepare if you’re a conference virgin and have no idea what you are doing. (Disclaimer: Seeing as though the conference hasn’t taken place yet, I have no idea if these will help at all. This is just what I’m doing to survive the weekend.)



At first I thought it was weird to have a business card made for a blog, especially if you’re like me and are just starting. But think about it, if I’m going to make connections this weekend, how are people going to remember who I am? I’d like to think I’ll make such an impression that they’ll just remember my name and blog address amongst the hundreds of others they will come across, but in reality, I probably won’t have the courage to speak to anyone. I’m thinking of just scattering them on some random tables when no one is looking. Or stick them on the back of bathroom stall doors.



Honestly, I had no idea what an elevator pitch was before reading about them on BlogHer. I guess this is what you will tell people your blog is about. I’m just going to recite my tagline: Inviting remarkable experiences into my life and recording them. I hope this is enough! If not, I’ll give one of those, “You should read it and find out!” responses. I’m sure that’ll bring on the site traffic, right?


Photo Jul 15, 5 38 48 PM

Because apparently there’s a #selfiebration going on at #blogher14 and you can win a MacBook Air (!!!) and other prizes as well. And because I’m really not a selfie kinda gal I had to practice with my daughter. (Does that make it an us-ie?)



Never underestimate the power of prayer. I prayed about my anxieties of not knowing anyone at the conference. Then I went to church with some people and my friend introduced me to a fellow blogger.

Who happens to be attending the conference! 

Thank you, God.



Stepping out of my comfort zone makes me nervous. It also gets me excited. I’ve been reading a new book that has inspired me to do that which makes me uncomfortable. And in doing these things I find myself growing and changing into a better version of myself.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this conference has to offer. I wonder if fellow bloggers are as friendly as veterans say they are, if the parties will be off the hook (Run DMC, people!), and if I’ll really need an extra bag for all the swag.

If anything, I know it’ll be an adventure. And I’m always up for that.