What I know for sure…

I know that I cannot change the past. As obvious as that might seem, I don’t know how many times I run through if only’s and I wish I had known’s in a day. If I let my thoughts get carried away, I can sometimes feel like I’m drowning in my desires for do-overs. But what’s done is done, and my focus has to now be in the present.

I know that He is listening. Never have I cried out this much for God to hear me, to carry me, to give me what I need to survive the day. When I am able to smile, when my heart doesn’t feel so heavy, when I have moments where I feel like myself, I know he is listening.

I know that I can only control myself. As much as I wish I could control how others think and feel and act, I can’t. If God can’t control people in this way, what makes me think I can?

I know that my thoughts shape my attitude, and my attitude effects my actions.

I am a good person.

I will be ok.

I need help.

This, too, shall pass.

I know that I am loved. By my family. My friends. God. And I am working on loving myself.

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