Life right now.

Currently, life around these parts is cray.

I feel like my days are lived in the fast-forward mode – like I’m always trying to be a step ahead of the game but am going so fast that I am missing important parts in the story.

I went back to work in August. Because I was on maternity leave at the end of the school year last year, it felt really weird coming back. It was as if I couldn’t mentally begin a new school year because I didn’t close out the old one. On the first day of school, I pretty much had just that day planned (and it was only a half day) – nothing else. Usually I would have the whole first week set up and a general outline of what I would be teaching the rest of August. Not to mention the fact that after having my second kid, my mommy brain is pretty much in full effect. Meaning, I live in a state of fog all the time. I hope to God the fog clears up pretty soon, but word on the street is that this is a permanent situation.

Being a mom of two is weird. And so awesome. Most days I love it…the laughs, impromptu dance parties, the I love you forevers and sweet kisses, watching them learn new things every day and see the world with innocent eyes. Awesome.

There are also those days that aren’t so awesome. The both-kids-crying-at-the-same-time thing really annoys me. And two-year-old tantrums also annoy me. It’s a good thing these days are few, especially since we are planning on having more kids. (If I could just have twins the next time around, that would be my dream.)

The condition of my house is quickly approaching inhabitable. I might be exaggerating, but when I don’t think twice about the milk spill on the carpet, you know it’s bad. I have four piles of laundry in two different rooms, waiting to be folded. There are 2 large piles of dirty laundry in the upstairs hallway. And I think there may be a load in the dryer that has been there for 2 days. Babygirl’s toys are wildly strewn about the living room (which is really her play room) and everything…everything needs to be sanitized.

I’m curious to know how people out there get the motivation to clean their houses. By the time I get home from work, cook & eat dinner, play with the girls, bathe them, and put them to bed, I’m dead tired. When do working moms find the time to do anything?!

A few weeks ago when the fog was lifted temporarily, I noticed that my 3-month-old is turning onto her stomach with ease, arms out and chest up, with her big wobbly balding head turning side to side to look around. Before this she had been turning onto her stomach but wasn’t able to get her arms out from underneath her. When did she reach this milestone?

Life in fast-forward. I’m trying really hard to press that pause button, but it’s not working.

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  1. Reen says:

    I feel you with every single thing you wrote. I’ll blog about it soon. Love you, Dee. ❤️

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