I thank my God every time I remember you.



I got the chance to chat with 2 friends on separate occasions the other day – a rarity nowadays due to the busyness of chasing after a toddler and caring for a newborn. I honestly had forgotten what it’s like to talk to someone who is not a toddler. I totally get now why mommy & me groups exist. One can go a little crazy hanging out with littles all day long!

My good friend from college called me up and we talked on the phone for almost an hour! (Keep in mind the only reason I was able to chat that long is because my parents had my kids preoccupied in another room. God bless them.) We spoke about random goings-on in our lives and complimented each other on how beautiful each other’s kids are. Mostly we talked about how inspired we have been to put good things out there in the world. See, we used to be in a young adult church group together and were constantly doing things to serve our community – from serving at mass, to making sandwiches for the homeless, and even dressing up like M&M’s one Halloween for the children at a shelter. We were making a difference. Nowadays we spend our time serving our own families – still making a difference, just in a different way. And we both feel like doing more. I found myself being inspired to take action. It’s amazing how one conversation can prompt you to act, to move, to do.

Later that evening my husband and I had dinner with another friend and her husband. This friend I have known since Kindergarten. We were best friends all throughout elementary and high school. We even went to college together, but drifted apart a little bit at the time. We remained friends, and I can honestly say that she has been such a comforting constant in my life. Even though I rarely talk to her, I feel like I could tell her anything and she would just get it. We spent our dinner catching each other up on married life and married life with kids. We didn’t really delve into anything “deep” or serious, but for some reason our interaction felt so easy, comfortable, and real.

Connecting with these two made me so thankful for people in my life that help me – sometimes without knowing – to be who God meant me to be.


Phillippians 1:3


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  1. Noreen says:

    I love you, Dianne! You are one of my most favorite people in this world. You have such a beautiful heart, and I know you will touch so many others by sharing it with this world. ❤️

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