You are beautiful.


This weekend we travelled to Southern California for our good friends’ baby shower, as well as to visit my husband’s family. It was a quick trip; we spent less than 48 hours there. I packed lightly (by nature I am NOT someone who thinks less is more…hence the letting go theme for October) and in the process I forgot a couple essentials: my razor and contacts. We had such a tight schedule that we literally had no time to go by the store and pick anything up, so I had to do without them. Luckily I brought pants to wear (it would not have been a pretty sight otherwise). I spent a good amount of the weekend feeling self-conscious in my dressed down outfit and glasses until I realized how stupid I was and made the decision to let it go and focus on why we were there that weekend – to spend time with people I love.

I’m really loving how this 31 day challenge is helping me be more conscious of what’s really important.

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  2. Ginz says:

    It wasn’t until I lost everything a few years back – my health, my home, my husband – that I really realised just how little we really need. The last few years with so little have really been the happiest most delightful years of my life just with those that I really love and those who really love me so I really get this :-)

  3. Reenie says:

    You are so beautiful, Dee! More than you know… Thanks for this post. I had a similar type of weekend. Reading your post reminds me that we are His beloved and we are more than enough. ❤

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