Day 17


We are past the halfway point of the 31 day challenge, and what a wonderful experience it has been thus far! I started off thinking that in an effort to organize some of the physical clutter around my house I would write about letting all that extra junk go. (Hence, the picture in the background of my icon above.) It turns out that along with all the material excess, I also had a lot of emotional & spiritual stuff I had/still have to let go of. This challenge has been very introspective and therapeutic in a way, and for that I am very grateful.

Not to mention I have made it 17 days without missing a beat! That’s an amazing accomplishment for someone like me.

Here’s a recap of where we’ve been so far:

Day 1: Getting. It. Done.

Day 2: Letting go of clutter: work desk

Day 3: Fear

Day 4: Unplugged

Day 5: Positive Thinking

Day 6: Because you have to

Day 7: Letting go at 17 months

Day 8: Letting go of clutter: the toddler bedroom

Day 9: Love your enemy

Day 10: Letting go of clutter: organizational tips

Day 11: Sound of Silence

Day 12: Letting go of the plan

Day 13: Peace

Day 14: Letting go of control

Day 15: My Miscarriage Story

Day 16: Where you are, Lord, I am free

How have you been doing with your 31 day challenge?

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