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On a good day, this is what my desk at work looks like. Since moving to a new school I have vowed to create a more functional space for myself and to keep that space nice and tidy. This should be easier for me now, since our school relies heavily on technology and we have very little paper being shuffled around. So today I decided clean off my desk before going home. This is something I should be doing every day, but…well, I don’t. I also decided to remove anything and everything from my desk that I don’t use often.  The result makes me happy.


My large, twirly desk organizer now sits behind my workspace since I don’t need to access it on a daily basis. The pile of crap stuff that has been sitting in my inbox for a month has either been either filed away or tossed. And my paper sorter actually has paper in the right slots now. I know it doesn’t seem like a big change, but every little bit helps contribute to the bigger picture. Now when I go in to work tomorrow morning, I can start off fresh and organized. And that will make the world of difference.

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  1. Reenie says:

    I need to clean my desk, too. I wanna keep reading all your other posts, but I better go to bed now. Maybe I’ll do this 31-day challenge, too. Maybe….

    • Dianne says:

      You should totally do it! It’s super challenging, but it really pushes me to think creatively and to follow through with what I am actually trying to do…which is let go of things in my life that hinder me from being my best self. It’s really therapeutic, actually.

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