31 days of letting go

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I’m at a point in my life where I’m in desperate need of inspiration. We’ve all been there, the stuck-in-a-rut, what-is-my-purpose-in-life kind of attitude that leads us to search high and low for something, someone, anything to tell us what direction we should be going in. I turned to the internet in hopes of finding some sort of guiding light, and surprisingly the internet gods heard my prayers. I am not sure yet what sorts of life goodness is going to come from all this inspiration, but I’m super excited about it.

My desire to write more has become stronger since coming across several blogs about motherhood, organization, and faith. One of those blogs has brought me to this very post. The Nesting Place is hosting a 31 day challenge where bloggers write about one topic for the month of October.  There are tons of links already on her blog. So. much. inspiration. 

I hesitated before making the decision to join in on this challenge. My hesitation came from fear. Fear of not being as good of a writer as other are, fear of not being interesting, fear of being vulnerable, fear of not being enough. I began to realize that fear stops me from doing a lot of things. So, I am choosing to let go of that fear. I want to let go of the negativity that clouds my mind and the doubt that overcomes my faith in what I know to be true. I want to let go of clutter, tangible and intangible, that hinders me from being my best self. It’s going to be an interesting adventure, and I hope that along the way I can be a source of inspiration for someone else.

Day 1: Getting. It. Done.

Day 2: Letting go of clutter: work desk

Day 3: Fear

Day 4: Unplugged

Day 5: Positive Thinking

Day 6: Because you have to

Day 7: Letting go at 17 months

Day 8: Letting go of clutter: the toddler bedroom

Day 9: Love your enemy

Day 10: Letting go of clutter: organizational tips

Day 11: Sound of Silence

Day 12: Letting go of the plan

Day 13: Peace

Day 14: Letting go of control

Day 15: My Miscarriage Story

Day 16: Where you are, Lord, I am free

Day 17: Day 17

Day 18: Letting yourself go

Day 19: Surrender

Day 20: 10 to Zen

Day 21: Officially a Houzzer

Day 22: Being me

Day 23: Letting go of worry

Day 24: We can’t be afraid of change

Day 25: Grace

Day 26:

Day 27: You are Beautiful

Day 28:

Day 29: On turning 32

Day 30: Clearing the Clutter

Day 31:


8 Responses to 31 days of letting go

  1. Jean says:

    I love this idea! I was scared to do this challenge last year so I can relate (it took me an entire year to let go of all that fear). I can’t wait to read the rest of your series!

  2. Sheri says:

    Hi there! My topic is letting go too this year! I can’t wait to read your perspective on this! I’m so glad you let go of that fear and joined!

  3. mrscgdickson says:

    I look forward to following your series. I LOVE this line of your post >>> “I want to let go of clutter, tangible and intangible, that hinders me from being my best self.” Amen! I’m writing 31 days of positive thinking. :)

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