Bring on the Magic


For our last trip of the summer we took a road trip to see my husband’s family in Southern California.  Though we have made this trip a thousand times before, I was nervous about how my almost 15-month-old would fare sitting in her car seat for 6 or 7 hours.  She has made the trip many times before (her first trip was when she was just 4 months old), but now that she is a bit older she tends to exert her authority a lot more now (via screaming).  Luckily, I downloaded a Barney video on the iPad before we left.  You can always count on good ol’ Barney.  He saved us a ton of headache.

Hubby and I had a spontaneous date night at Disneyland the day we arrived.  The grandparents got some face time with Dylann while we got some much needed QT together. The first thing we hit up was the corn dog stand.  Bad idea, since for some reason the ones we got were dripping with oil and made our tummies hurt afterwards.  We then found a spot somewhat near the Walt Disney statue and waited a few minutes for the fireworks to begin. 

Oh, Disneyland fireworks.

They are the best fireworks I have ever seen.  Ever.  They have the power to evoke emotions out of you that you never knew you could experience during a fireworks show.  I think it’s the music.  And Tinkerbell.  And maybe the flying elephant, too.  I think it’s also the fact that when you look around, you see kids and adults alike that are mesmerized by it all.  You come away from the fireworks feeling like your dreams really will come true if you just believe. Corny, I know. 

But honestly, I think our world needs a little bit of corny here and there.  Our kids are inundated with the examples of bad behaviors of our humankind – true stories that don’t end with lessons in loyalty, friendship, bravery, and love.  Heck, most adults could benefit from believing more in the magic of one’s imagination. Somewhere along the path of our life, we lose that magic.  I guess that’s why I really love visiting Disneyland.  Walt wasn’t kidding when he set out to create the happiest place on Earth.  If you can get past the crazy crowds, incredibly long lines, and obnoxiously overpriced food, the place makes you feel like a kid.  And for the few hours that you’re there, you find your magic again.

Again, corny…I know.


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  1. Noreen says:

    I love reading your blogs, Dee! ❤

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